• React / Javascript
• SQL / PostgreSQL• Perfomance Optimization
• Clojure / Clojurescript
• Full-Text Search
• Product R&D
• React / Javascript • Datomic Graph DB
• Re-Frame / Reagent• Clojure / Clojurescript
SKILLS • D3 / Chart.js
• SassC
• Leaet
• ElasticSearch
• Node.js • MySQL • pHp
• / Web Sockets• Javascript
SKILLS • Hadoop
• FoxPro• MSSQL Server• MatLab• C / C# (VS 2002-2008)
Developed applications, features and user interfaces for several products spanning multiple domains, collaborating deeply with
Knowledge Representation(KR) & Ontology specialists.
2.5 years of Clojure(script) UI development across 3 applications, based in both Re-Agent /Re-Frame and Om highlight emphasis of
React lifecycles. Team-focussed, agile projects managed with GitHub, CircleCI, JIRA and Conuence.
Produced multi-language dictionary, eld surveys, reporting, and entity prole management while developing Business Intelligence
tools for GeoJSON maps (Leaet/Mapbox), Force-Directed Network Graphs (D3v4, Cytoscape) and charting (D3, Chart.js).
RadiantGroup Media / Toronto 2013 - 2014SOFTWARE DEVELOPER / PATENT AUTHOR
CSTS Semion / Toronto 2014 - 2018
Vermeer Algorithm, Toronto 2002 - 2011
MJS Software / Travelex Plc., Toronto / London 1999 - 2000
Vendor relationship with Giesecke & Devrient Software Solutions. Statistical forecasting tool for network cash manage-
ment, BMO Bank of Montreal. Cashroom hard/software integration for currency processing, Macy*s Department Stores.
REFERENCES Matthew Darling
Development Lead
Litera / Kira Systems
*Dr. Joey Coleman
Head of Systems/SRE
Kira Systems
Dr. Jeanette Brommage
Principal Database Engineer
Kira Systems
Christopher Kim
Product Manager/Legal Research
Litera / Kira Systems
Responsible for signigicant advances in technology across the enterprise, with incremental delivery of high-value initiatives,
generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings and millions of dollars in revenue.
Led UI development and incremental delivery of features focussed on human interactions with AI & machine learning, engineering
ROI and customer value through low cost features. Emphasis placed on user experience, developed specications, stories, features,
and major application workows, RESTful APIs, and asynchronous data processing.
Developed next-gen report authoring tool using OpenAI; introduced Open/ElasticSearch for large-volume full-text search. Built
discovery prototypes and empathetic UX projects; rapid prototyping of UX research prototypes and A/B tests. Responsible for the
adoption of technologies and techniques that are the foundation of the coming decade of development,
Led product-wide eorts to optimize DB performance, analyze query plans, improve indexing, and teach data & query design.
Performance at-scale optimization of data-rich UIs and PSQL DB, mitigating the impact of data-intensive UI and asynchronous worker
processes. Optimized DB performance, query planning, indices, data and query design.
Maintained Jenkins/Artifactory/Ansible/GitHub CI/CD and AWS EC2 systems, with 2.5 years of consistent monthly releases, optimizing
parallel builds to reduce the average build time by 40%.
Litera, Kira Systems / Chicago, Toronto 2018 - 2024
With 25 years of experience designing and developing enterprise applications and playing key roles in the software development
lifecycle of many products, I am looking to join an innovative business and build compelling products and overcome interesting
engineering challenges.
As a sta developer with an extensive portfolio of product development centred on design-focussed front-end UI/UX integrated with
ML/AI backend systems, high performance distributed applications, CI/CD infrastructure, and training and team building, I want to join
a team of smart people solving interesting problems.
Jerey P. Vermeer