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Distance through time

Let's begin. I am Jeff Vermeer, software developer, gardener, cook and a few other, evolving things.

I have been coding for the breadth of my adult life and have built solutions for demand forecasting, retail cash management, digital signage networks and human interfaces to NLP systems.

My professional future is about functional programming and interface development, and I am intent on parlaying the past 2.5 years of Clojure development into new design and product opportunities.

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Compiling Wins

From August 2015 to present, I have been developing my functional programming and LISP skills, building UIs and client/server applications in:

  • Clojure/Clojurescript
  • Datomic Graph
  • Interfacing to Elasticsearch servers
  • Applications developed in both Om and Reagent/Reframe
  • Deep understanding of React lifecycle functions
  • Javascript component development and interop

The overarching goal is to work with a strong team, inspiring solutions and creating products.

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Gathering, Processing, Visualizing, Performing

My professional career has been about building solutions for data gathering, analysis and business intelligence, graphing and processing.

Over the past 2.5 years, I have been building BI-focussed applications, using Clojure(script) and Javascript to attenuate:

  • Graphing UIs built in both Chart.js & D3
  • Interactive maps using Leaflet/Mapbox
  • Force-directed graph in D3v4
  • Component implementation for Cytoscape
  • UIs for querying complex db entities
  • Field Questionnaires and Reporting UIs
  • Multi-lingual dictionary for KR/NLP based on

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Spark to Ignite

I am forever keen to uncover new opportunities to develop solutions and create products.

The question remains: How can I help you and your business? I look forward to hearing from you and finding those answers.

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